Cybergnose Café is an art collective creating games, films and experiments since 2017.

Les tiques (FR), an activity book from an alternate universe
Glitchy Glitchy!! (FR), a zine about digital games
Mag3 (FR), a satirical zine about NFTs, crypto, the metaverse and crosswords
The Coronavirus Conspiracy, an animated short film about poo and "libtards"
Slaughter Heist, a puzzle-filled visual novel made for the Weekly Game Jam 138
A Ride To Love, a Death Grips romance visual novel
RoboCreator, a short interactive cyberpunk story with a DOS-like aesthetic
BRRRMM, asymmetric local multiplayer game with harsh noise inspired aesthetic
Letters, a short film compilation, with letters in them
Mario Mario Mario, a mustachioed short-film
Coming Out Simulator 2014 FR, Nicky Case's game translated to French
Ball Escort, a board game prototype for two players
Citizen Witch, a visual novel made for the 2018 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge
What Was Found In The Underground, a game made for the Bitsy Jam: Archaeology
Gathering of Delightful Chests, a visual novel made for the Not Going to GDC Jam
Miami (FR), a mix of Hotline Miami and Reigns. Made for Make Something Horrible 2018

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