Cybergnose Café is an art collective creating games, films and experiments since 2017.

From jam iterations to more polished products we strive to produce and share the medias we want to make and the things we wish already existed.

The Coronavirus Conspiracy, an animated short film about poo and "libtards"
Slaughter Heist, a puzzle-filled visual novel made for the Weekly Game Jam 138
A Ride To Love, a Death Grips romance visual novel
RoboCreator, a short interactive cyberpunk story with a DOS-like aesthetic
BRRRMM, asymmetric local multiplayer game with harsh noise inspired aesthetic
Letters, a short film compilation, with letters in them
Mario Mario Mario, a mustachioed short-film
Coming Out Simulator 2014 FR, Nicky Case's game translated to French
Ball Escort, a board game prototype for two players
Citizen Witch, a visual novel made for the 2018 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge
What Was Found In The Underground, a game made for the Bitsy Jam: Archaeology
Gathering of Delightful Chests, a visual novel made for the Not Going to GDC Jam
Miami (FR), a mix of Hotline Miami and Reigns. Made for Make Something Horrible 2018

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